About brunch&bar Cele

For more almost 80 years everyone who was anyone (including those aspiring to become someone) in Dubrovnik frequented Café Cele.

Being a popular meeting spot, it is said that if you sit at brunch&bar Cele long enough You are bound to run into someone You know.

Founded in 1932 by Celestin – Cele Šikić, a famous Dubrovnik’s dandy of the time, brunch&bar Cele serves selection of coffees and drinks, delicious cakes as well as tasty snacks at Stradun, one of the most beautiful streets in the World.

You have seen this elegant Stradun café on postcards time and time again.

This is not without a reason: brunch&bar Cele offers the style, décor and a sidewalk terrace that are a magnet to visitors, foreign and local alike.

The outdoor terrace can accommodate large crowd (200 pax) that delightfully sits out and enjoys watching the World go by.

Brunch&bar Cele includes a chic trendy café, restaurant, and a gourmet gift shop.

Takeaway food and hot and cold drinks are also available.

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