Cele history

Brunch&bar Cele is a Dubrovnik’s institution, the place where many loves were born, bursting with memories of unforgettable moments and each of its visitors would write a different history.

Everything began in the year 1932 when Cele (Celestin) Šikić opened Café Cele on the same spot. He served exquisite cakes, coffee and sold hand-made candies.

With the Second World War, the rough times followed, but Cele remained renowned cafe & pastry shop loved by the generations of Dubrovnik’s citizens and visitors.

After numerous refurbishments, brunch&bar Cele today features sleek and contemporary designer furnishings, inspired by elegant and minimalist design, and the most beautiful sidewalk terrace in Dubrovnik.

Run by Zanetti d.o.o. from 2007 on, brunch&bar Cele offers delicious cakes as well as tasty snacks and selection of coffees and drinks, at the same spot at Stradun, one of the most beautiful streets in the World.

Top quality ingredients, impeccable service and care for details ensure that todays owners of Cele still live its founders dream: the best café in Dubrovnik.

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